What are Vorsers?

Vorsers are analytical masterminds; they are critical to innovation and in establishing a competitive edge in knowledge-based economies.

They have earned, at the minimum, a master’s degree in a STEM subject, whether Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics.

What is Vorsers.com?

Vorsers.com is about bridging the gap between high-end talents and innovative organizations; it’s about connecting analytical masterminds globally. That includes providing valuable information, such as a resource page, and a multitude of blogs on key STEM topics and beyond, both for employers and employees.

Who is Vorsers.com for?

Vorsers.com welcomes people with a master’s degree, or higher, in fields that relate to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). We love to highlight jobs and PhD positions from cutting-edge organizations that play a critical role in driving innovation and in maintaining a competitive edge in knowledge-based economies.

These are the people and organizations we admire, and vorsers.com is the place where these two groups get to mingle.

However, this platform is not for everyone! We do not work with recruitment agencies, and this job board is not for job spiders nor web scrapers. You will never see any ads, and we will never sell our soul for money.

Vorsers skills

Vorsers skills include a deep understanding of empirical data, whether it be generating, organizing, interpreting, or presenting it. They involve comprehension of complex scientific and mathematical principles, with a systematic and critical focus on assessing problems and solving them. The ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical matters and communicate scientific issues to stakeholders are also core components of Vorsers skills. Above all, Vorsers show ingenuity, logical reasoning and practical intelligence.

Vorsers subjects

Core fields you can expect to find on Vorsers.com include mathematics, statistics, chemistry, computer science, biology, physics, architecture, medicine, sports science, as well as all things engineering, be it chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, structural, general, industrial, environmental, aerospace, biomedical, petroleum, agricultural, nuclear, marine or more!

Who are these guys?

We are Maurice Behre and Raymond te Veldhuis, two tech enthusiasts with ambitions to connect analytical masterminds to one global platform: Vorsers. We’re about bringing together drivers of innovation to the right place to continue moving the world forward.

In 2014, we created www.datajobs.nl: a Dutch job board that focuses on data specialists. It quickly became a leading niche platform in connecting data talents across the Netherlands.

Vorsers Raymond te Veldhuis en Maurice Behre
Maurice Behre and Raymond te Veldhuis – Vorsers.com

What jobs can you find on Vorsers?

Here is a selection of positions you can expect to find on our niche job board: Statistician, Mathematician, Analyst, Researcher, Research & Development specialist, Business analyst, Data analyst, Data scientist, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning engineer, Algorithms engineer, Information security analyst, Cryptographer, Scientist, Investigator, Actuary, Pharmacologist, Analytical Chemist, Clinical technologist / scientist and PhD positions.

What kind of employers can you find on Vorsers?

All types of organizations – large and small – in various industries from all over the world use Vorsers. We use the following job categories: #Science Vorsers, #Technology Vorsers, #Engineering Vorsers and #Mathematics Vorsers.

Vorsers LinkedIn company page

No middleman. No agency. No fuss. On Vorsers, you get straight to the source.
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