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Senior Finance Business Data Modeller
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
€ 5.174 - € 7.392 pm
36-40 hours per week

At a glance

We are looking for somebody with extensive experience (5-10 years) in business, conceptual, logical and physical data modelling. Do you want to be at the core of the data management framework? At the centre of the regulatory requirements? At the top of the internal business modelling capabilities of ABN AMRO? Are you enthusiastic about data modelling? Do you like to learn about new (finance/regulatory) topics? Then you really want to become the new Finance Business Data Modeller!

Finance and Risk are developing at a rapid pace. Technology, external regulation, and internal steering offer numerous new opportunities, as well as challenges. Data Management has taken off and all eyes are on the new data governance and the way we structure our data requirements. Finance FA (Financial Accounting) Reporting is the biggest data consumer of the bank. This consumption is all based on the Finance and Risk Information Model, FRIM.

NOTE: Please be aware that this function is all about modelling data structures, not about finding statistical relationships in the data itself. This function does not look at actual data, does not access databases, does not use statistical or other (big) data analysis techniques.

Your job

Main activities

  • Perform Business Data Modelling, by designing conceptual and (business) logical data models, and further developing modelling principles and guidelines.
  • Conduct and lead discussions with subject matter experts, requesters, and other stakeholders to understand and challenge the scope- and the content of the requirements.
  • Break down requirements into a structured information model that contains terms, definitions, and relations.
  • Perform stakeholder management with requirements owners, subject matter experts, and users of the data models.
  • Perform information analysis: being the bridge between business and IT.
  • Document the conceptual or logical data models with tooling like Erwin Data Modeler.

Business Data Modelling enables us to understand the meaning of data and its relation to other data, so that assumptions and ambiguity are replaced by certainty. It allows us to clearly define what data is needed to generate reports, dashboards and data analysis for customer insights, and provides a one common language. Within ABN AMRO, Finance and Risk have a business data model called ‘FRIM’, which stands for ‘Finance and Risk Information Model’ and can be described as a collection of finance and risk terms, their conceptual definitions and their relationships. A conceptual business view forms the basis for translation to both logical and physical data model.

FRIM is constantly in development. New regulations must be taken up in the model, existing reports, capabilities, and Risk models need to be translated to FRIM and where necessary the model needs to be extended. In your role as Finance Business Data Modeller, you will determine whether new reporting requirements are specified correctly, you will integrate them into the model and develop the Business Data Model of Finance and Risk. Finally, you will participate as Finance and Risk expert in business projects, to ensure that new data structures are aligned with our needs.

Working environment

Data Governance Finance is a small team of highly valued professionals, positioned within Finance. These professionals are involved in a number of Data Management knowledge areas, such as Data Quality issue Management, Dataflow and Processes, Data Lineage, Data Profiling and Monitoring and Data Modelling and the like.

Every employee has his / her own specialism, but also spends some time in other knowledge areas to help, build relationships and grow. We take pride in setting high goals and aiming for the stars. We create a safe environment, where we help each other, stand-in for each other and give trust. We do not mind if a goal is not reached, as long as we can be proud of the part we did achieve. We are not afraid to fail but are very transparent about what we will and will not deliver. We have humour, try to be more than just colleagues and try to take ourselves not too seriously. On the other hand, we will not back away from a good discussion, as long as this is on content or process and not personal.

Within the department you are managed on WHAT you should achieve. HOW you do that, is something you can determine for yourself, within the boundaries of the rules of governance and risk. This setting gives you great freedom. With great freedom comes great responsibility and the need to set your own goals and then try to reach them.

Your profile

Skills, experience, expertise, knowledge

  • 5 to 10 years working experience in the below areas.
  • You are skilled and experienced in data modelling, at business, conceptual and logical levels, preferably also at physical level. You have worked with and preferably created ER data models, or object-oriented models.
  • You are experienced in defining terms for a data dictionary.
  • You can explain the difference and relationship between a data dictionary and a conceptual or logical data model.
  • You are experienced in comparing and mapping data models.
  • You are experienced in Information analysis, e.g. requirements engineering, and translating requirements into a conceptual data model.
  • You possess most of these consulting skills: interviewing, reporting, presenting, organising, convincing/selling. You are able to understand complicated topics, and you can explain/present complicated topics in structured and insightful way.
  • Preferably you have some experience with business process modelling.

Interests, drive

  • You love structuring and organising terms and concepts into a data model. You want it to be simple, insightful, and understandable, while it is about complicated things
  • You like interpreting and understanding complicated topics, explained chaotically by subject matter experts. You want to know and understand, and then explain back to them what they have told you
  • You have some interest in finance, financing, banking, and financial modelling (accounting and such)
  • You are a pro-active, practical worker, self-starter, organising your own work and maybe that of some around you

Education and training

  • University education, either: BSc. in Computer Science with a business-oriented MSc., like Business Information Technology, or Business Information Management; or BSc. in Business Administration with a technical MSc., like Information Management.
  • Education in data modelling techniques like ER modelling, or object-oriented data modelling. This is a must-have
  • Information analysis
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Presenting skills
  • Fluent in English

We are offering

A job at the front-line of regulatory developments, in a great team with a mix of drive, dedication and humor, offering loads of (well-guided and non-threatening) learning opportunities and of course a good salary in Hay 11 (or potentially 10, depending on your actual experience and skills).


If you are interested, apply for this job and send in your resume and application letter. Would you like to have some more information on the function first, please contact Sander Frauenfelder (, the PO of the FRIM modelling team or Geert Tacken (, the head of Data Governance Finance.

We look forward to meeting you!

Equal opportunities for all

The success of our organisation depends on the quality of our people and the ideas that they have. Truly surprising insights and innovative solutions for our clients result from an interplay of cultures, knowledge and experience. Diversity is therefore extremely important to our organisation. To ensure that everyone at ABN AMRO can develop their talents, we encourage an inclusive culture in which all colleagues feel engaged and appreciated.

Disclaimer external recruitment agencies

External recruitment agencies need to have a signed agreement with ABN AMRO BANK N.V., executed by a Talent Acquisition Specialist, when submitting a resume to a vacancy. In addition, a recruitment agency can only submit a resume when invited by a Talent Acquisition Specialist to join the search for a right candidate. All unsolicited resumes sent to us will be considered property of ABN AMRO BANK N.V. In this case, ABN AMRO will not be held liable to pay a placement fee.

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